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Because we value inclusion and accessibility within the workplace we offer bespoke training that is specifically tailored and adapted to your workplace setting. Equipping you as an employer, business,  franchise owner, manager, and/or employee with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the greatest level of inclusion and accessibility within the workplace. Moreover, we remain flexible and dynamic in how we deliver our training.








The WORK It Purple Workplace Neurodiversity Training keeps the four main areas of workplace needs integrated and central throughout. These four main areas are: 

- Interacting & Communicating
- Socialising & Self-Regulating

- Environmental Processing 
- Inputting & Outputting 

The main comprehensive WORK It Purple training program is broken down into five sessions. An introductory overview session and then specific workshop training sessions about the four main areas of need: Interacting & Communicating, Socialising & Self-Regulating, Environmental Processing and Inputting & Outputting. Each specific session is structured as follows: 

- Theory & Overview
- Strategies & Support 

WORK It Purple also offers more specific training workshop sessions pertaining to:

- Autism
- Anxiety & Wellbeing

- Dyslexia
- Meaningful Experience

- Executive Functioning



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