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Performance Packages



Performing Arts School





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by Liam The Teacher

Performance Packages by Liam The Teacher offer new and bespoke learning and give learners valuable life skills for communication, socialisation, collaboration and problem solving. Moreover, the packages are bespoke to learners seeking to develop and refine their confidence, ability to give and recieve feedback, listening and speaking skills, collaborative teamwork skills, adaptability and peer to peer support networks.


Moreover, Performance Packages offer a number of supportive structures to enable learners to access and input into their own learning, as well as having their say in the creative process too. With emphasis on independent learning and an added sense of meaningful achievement, the packages also aim to enrich learners with a sense of purpose and all round enjoyment too. Furthermore, a variety of SEN orientated scaffolding and resources mean that a multitude of learning styles can be integrated within the Performance Package framework. Lastly, the flexibility of the packages means that learning providers are able to use each package following the recommended framework as desired, enabling them to adapt the package to the needs of their learners. For a learning experience that is inclusive, dynamic and adaptable for independent learning, why not try a Liam The Teacher Performance Package?

Robin Hood Pantomime

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The tale of Robin Hood has been moulded and adapted in this comically-told classic. The Script  and Show Guide allow easy navigation of the wide variety of resources included within the package. 

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Cast Size

17-32 characters


40-60 minutes

Drama Scripts

The original and exclusive Drama Scripts are for Drama sessions, workshops, activity groups and larger performance groups in need of a few more cast members. The additional scenes can be slotted into most performance pieces and are light-hearted, upbeat and a little bit random too! Moreover, each scene contains up to 20 characters. Each scene comes in PDF format and in digital, projectable format too; so there's no need to print anything. The scenes each come with character description cards too. What's more, the Bogey Trifle Bolt-On Scene is included with the Liam The Teacher Robin Hood Performance Package! 

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Cast Size

Up to 21 characters


10 minutes

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Fully Digital

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Digital Prompt

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LTT Logo Shadow.png


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The Liam The Teacher 100% digital script, not only is completely environmentally friendly; as it requires NO PRINTING, but is fully inclusive too. A versatile resource for use during the rehearshal process as well as during performances as a visual script prompt. 
The key benefits to such a resource are: 


  • Cast members are HANDS FREE from the very beginning of the rehearshal process.

  • A VISUAL POINT OF FOCUS for all learners and learning providers during rehearshals. 

  • INCLUSION FOCUSED formatting. 

  • Easier to INTEGRATE STAGING into the rehearshal process: from the very beginning. 

All resources were created by Liam The Teacher with inclusion, differentiation and accessibility in mind. Not only are resources versatile, flexible and re-workable, but they can be used again and again throughout the learning and rehearshal process; in many cases, during show time too. All resources aim to include learners as much as possible throughout the learning and rehearshal process and enable learning to engage at their own pace, on their own terms, in their own way. With a multitude of strategies and scaffolding in place, learning providers can fully adapt to the wide range of needs of their learners. But most of all, everyone can participate and join in the fun. 

Exclusive to Liam The Teacher, the Backstage Digital Prompt requires an interactive whiteboard or projector to be operated and is a colour coded visual backstage prompt. Positioned backstage centre, the visual prompt system gives clear non-verbal indication to cast members to get ready to go on stage, before visually prompting them to enter stage. Moreover, the prompts use of visual imagery and colour coding, ensures thatt cast members know the direction they enter stage, who with and where to position themselves on-stage too. 

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